I want you to want me

Dis moi

Dis moi

60x60 cm Fine Art Prints in an edition of 9.

20x20 cm Fine Art Prints in an edition of 9 on demand.

Will be exhibited in Galerie Charron current 2016

Exclusivity of Galerie Charron

43 Rue Volta 75003 Paris


Tel: +33.(0)


This serie is an experiment and research around glass distortion and body. "Dis moi" can be conceived as an active use of the transitiv verb. Tell me could be associated to an external object. When "dis moi" could also be it's own object and refer to itself. Tell the me.

I also wanted to remind that the perception of the own self has nothing more direct than any kind of perception. The contrary most likely be true. The image we built of the self is always a return on someone else's image of us and it never happens out of a context that already bring its "own" visions.



w/ Emilie Pontelier