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I’m a french photographer based in Paris.
I shoot both digital and analogic.
I try to make the photo when I shoot, not afterwards.

I speak and write english, italian, french and a bit of spanish.

I also work with other artists in different fields:

  • Collaborations with photographers in order to inspire each others works, for exhibitions or collective publications.
  • Collaborations and advises in personal branding, image, network and internet strategy for musicians, writers, photographers...

In nudes I mainly work with volunteer models who wish to be in my works.

I do this for me, my projects and my ideas.

Sublime visions in the daily visions.

Persons turn into characters, faces into personas.

I also shoot private series for people asking me to do so: men and women. For themselves, for their lovers, and often to try something about their own representation of their person.

You can contact me for that kind of work.



This site contains photographies exhibited as SERIES with chosen pictures. The series stand by themselves as they are. But choices are always an exclusion of some content.

This is why I propose an subscribing App that displays the series not in a full version but in an extended version of the series.

For almost all the PERSONA series there is an extended set on

It is also a way for those who want to support my work and participate to its elaboration in an economical way.

If you want I also accept donations with the button above.